Luxury Gift Wrapping with an eco-friendly conscience :  I thought I should share this gift wrapping tip that is stylish, sustainable and fun to create.

Eco-friendly gift wrapping is becoming a very popular trend as there are more options of sustainable resources that can be created to make your gifts look stunning.

Be inspired by our eco-friendly gift wrapping tips.

In this post, I have used fabric and finished them up with nicely tied ribbons. The silk fabric can be doubled up as a beautiful gift. It also makes the wrapping as special as the gift itself. 

These wrapping styles are inspired by the Japanese practice of Furoshiki, and they will make your gift look stunning.

Eco-friendly gift wrapping does not have to be boring, and who says you can only use paper.  Many people are becoming more conscious of the environment so it is also important to create exquisite and unique gift wrapping options that you can select from, in order to make your gifts stand out.

At Zoliab, we are committed and gearing towards a more sustainable future by embracing eco-friendly resources that align with our brand image. 

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