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Professional Gift Wrapping In London Zoliab


First-Class Eco-Friendly Gift Wrapping

Zoliab provides a stylish, luxury, eco-friendly professional gift wrapping service in London, Essex and Kent to individuals, groups and businesses that appreciate a high standard of gift wrapping whilst also being eco-friendly. We are passionate about excellent customer service, impeccable attention to detail, and a first-class finish. All luxury gift wrapping is biodegradable and is made up of high-quality resources of all shades and textures, ensuring that you receive the exact gift wrapping service that you require. The company has been involved in numerous creative projects over the years and can provide a professional gift wrapping in London, Essex and Kent to suit a wide variety of needs.

So, if you require bespoke, eco-friendly gift wrapping, curated hampers, presentation boxes for events, or training on luxury gift-wrapping, get in touch with Zoliab.

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Professional Gift Wrapping Service

Zoliab provides creative professional gift wrapping services in London, Essex and Kent to both individuals and businesses. We can transform gifts of all shapes and sizes into a stunning masterpiece, with each item exquisitely wrapped in a range of high-quality resources that are both eco-friendly and stylish. You can also request complimentary gift tags along with personalised messages as part of our professional gift wrapping in London, Essex and Kent.

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 Luxury Gift Wrapping in London and Essex


Luxury Gift Wrapping in London and Essex

Curated Gift Hampers

Our curated gift hamper service caters for a wide range of occasions, from Christmas to Mother’s Day to corporate events. Our professional gift wrapping  services in London, Essex and Kent also allows you to assemble your own products in our beautiful gift hamper baskets or trays.

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Professional Gift Wrapping In London Presentation boxes for gifts

Presentation Boxes for Gifts

We supply first-class bespoke handmade presentation boxes for weddings, ethnic traditional engagement ceremonies and various other occasions. Each box can be personalised and contains a selection of eco-friendly materials with matching sashes, brooches, ribbons and other embellishments.

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Presentation Boxes For Gifts

Event Favours

If you are preparing for an upcoming event and have specific requirements for exclusive welcome packs, we will work closely with you and offer expert advice on a gift wrapping solution that will leave a fantastic impression on your guests.

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Professional Gift Wrapping In London Training and Workshop


Zoliab Craft and Gift Wrapping provides gift wrapping classes during which students will be taught the art of creative and professional gift wrapping techniques using sustainable materials. You will receive professional training on embellishments and ribbons as well as the paper or fabric used for our professional gift wrapping in London, Essex and Kent.

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Luxury Gift Wrapping in London and Essex

Quality Materials

We only use premium gift wrapping paper and quality fabrics, offering a wide range of exclusive eco-friendly embellishments, ribbons, satins and flowers. Available in a wide range of colours and textures to suit the needs of any event.



 Attention to Detail

At Zoliab, we pay extremely close attention to upholding the highest of standards. We take pride in producing stunning handmade gift wrapping designs which have been carefully measured out and made with complete precision by professionals.


Environmentally Friendly

All materials used are completely biodegradable, meaning that no pollutants are released into the earth once the gift wrapping has been used. We care deeply about ensuring that we reduce our carbon footprint wherever possible.



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Looking for professional gift wrapping in London, Essex and Kent? If so, get in contact with Zoliab.

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