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If you are looking for eco-friendly professional gift wrapping in London, Essex and Kent, get in touch with Zoliab. We cater for individuals, groups and businesses who require a stylish yet eco-friendly gift wrapping service that is personalised to their requirements. Whether you require gift wrapping for a small or large number  of recipients or a series of bespoke gift hampers for an upcoming event, Zoliab has the expertise to provide a perfect final product. We are passionate about maintaining excellent customer service and an impeccable level of attention to detail, using top-quality paper,fabrics and embellishments to provide clients with their perfect design. Our service also incorporates gift wrapping classes for individuals who wish to become professionals.

Get in contact with Zoliab for a first-class eco-friendly professional gift wrapping in London, Essex and Kent.

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 The Founder

Joko Omole has always had a true passion for art, craft and beautiful presentations. Her creative work dates back to 2007, when she was actively involved in the planning of events, event decorations and gift wrapping for charitable organisations.

Joko has since demonstrated her unique and natural talent for exquisitely wrapped gifts and eventually directed her attention towards providing luxury, stylish and eco-friendly professional gift wrapping in London, Essex and Kent for individuals, private families, charities and businesses. She has also worked hard over the years to demonstrate her creativity through elegant flower arrangements, event decorations and bespoke gift hampers for clients. 

Whatever the size, colour, fabric, theme or occasion, Joko and her team of professionals take the stress of gift wrapping away from you. She loves transforming gifts into creative masterpieces which leave a lasting impression on your guests. Joko also teaches professional gift wrapping techniques to individuals, groups and businesses who wish to acquire luxury gift-wrapping skills.

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Luxury Gift Wrapping in London and Essex


Materials matter to us. We understand that people require professional gift wrapping in London, Essex and Kent for a wide number of reasons, which means that we must have the materials, colours and textures to accommodate for a wide range of needs. Using premium gift wrapping paper, sensational fabric embellishments, different kinds of ribbons, satins and flowers, our team can be trusted to produce gift wrapping that will impress guests and leave the recipient feeling delighted.




 Our team of professionals maintain an impeccable level of attention to detail during every stage of the luxury gift wrapping production process. Clients vary between individuals wanting to give a beautiful gift to their partner to personalised gift hampers for big events, and in each case, it is vital that we meet the client’s exact personal requirements. And at Zoliab, we always do – every time.




Given that our business entails a high level of production of papers and materials, we believe that it is crucial to make our service entirely eco-friendly. That is why we only use paper and premium fabrics which are biodegradable, meaning that they can safely and naturally go back into the earth after use. Working in a way that is both extremely efficient and eco-friendly serves as an important foundation for what we do at Zoliab.




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If you are searching for eco-friendly professional gift wrapping in London, Essex and Kent, look no further than Zoliab.

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